Weekend Musings Rewind — February 2021

Aishwarya Srinivasan
3 min readMar 2, 2021


Weekend Musings is a weekly video blog series that focuses on tech talks around research and industrial applications of artificial intelligence in various domains.

In the rewind series, I will recap the weekend musings monthly, which would help you collate the content in one place and revisit the tech bytes that I have shared throughout the month.

Here is what we learned in February 2021:

Episode 1 — Image Generation, News summarization and AI: Fantasy vs Reality

In this episode we learned about three topics:

Episode 2 — AI in Healthcare

In this episode, we will explore 3 applications of AI in medical sciences/ healthcare. The topics I will talk about today are:

Episode 3 — AI in Robotics

In this episode, we will explore 3 applications of AI in robotics. The topics I will talk about today are:

Episode 4 — Chat with the Expert — William Falcon

In this episode of Weekend Musings, we will chat with William Falcon, the CEO, and Founder of PyTorch Lightning.

Join me to learn more about his journey from Venezuela, being a veteran to being a technology innovator and creating PyTorch Lightning to serve the machine learning open-source community.

That’s a wrap to February! I hope you guys enjoyed this month’s Weekend Musings and you find something insightful out of it.

Please leave your comments about what you liked, if I can improve in some way, and if you would want me to talk about any specific topic in the upcoming episodes.

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